Water Utility Company using the e-Safe+ GPR

e-Safe+ shows how easy it is to find plastic pipes
Technicians were trying to locate a service pipe from a main into a residential house in the South of England, and needed to turn off their stop cock.  The main was plastic, and the stop cock had become buried over the years by driveway work.  Clearly normal locators could not work on plastic pipe, so we were asked to show the new e-Safe+ Ground Probing Radar.  This is a new device which breaks the mould of conventional GPR with ease of use, indication, and value top of the features.
This situation was an ideal demonstration for the product, and after a few runs back and forwards over the road we got a repetition of results to confirm the main route and depth, and we marked this accordingly.
Knowing the route of the main, we then ran the e-Safe+ in the same direction of the main, slightly to one side, to locate the other service pipes coming off. 
A simple task which was otherwise impossible using conventional locators!
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Customer Purchasing FLIR C2

Item arrived very quickly and well packaged. Works wonderfully.